The ADORE Approach

The ADORE approach is a generic framework that we use while designing our programs. This is just a guideline, and it gets modified according to the requirements of a program.

ADORE stands for:


Generate Awareness and Grab Attention:

The purpose is to grab learners' attention and to make them aware of the objectives of the activity/program. This phase aims to rivet the learners' attention towards learning and makes them focus.

We often use games, pertinent video clips, or other hands on activities in this phase.


Dive Deep:

Learners are completely immersed in the learning activities in this phase. They are left to explore that various facets of the topic under study.

They are encouraged to think freely and go deep into the activities, make mistakes, create their own hypothesis and assumptions, explore their strengths and weaknesses and come up with their own learning. It also involves making connections between previous knowledge and the new challenges thrown at them.

They collaborate and bring together collective knowledge to make bigger meanings and to create new knowledge, wherever feasible. We design collaborative activities, case studies, debates, blogging events, business simulations, games, role plays, and several other activities to help learners build their own knowledge.

O r

Observe and Reflect:

Once learners have brought out their own meaning from the immersive activities in the previous phase, they sit back and observe their own thoughts. Through our design we facilitate meta-cognitive thought to help learners reflect on their own behavior, thought, assumptions, conclusions, and so on. Lots of questioning facilitates analysis of what happened in the previous phase.

The end result of this phase is new ideas, rethinking of previously held beliefs, challenging of current boundaries of thought and action, initiation to new ways of thinking or working, and so on.

The techniques used are usually questioning, observing others, revealing new ideas, extending solutions to conflicts, and so on.



This phase helps learners connect what they have learned to their work. In this phase we use activities from real life and help learners apply their newly formed ideas to these situations. This phase is critical to help learners extend what they learn to their day-to-day work.

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