Traditional E-learning

Traditional e-learning courses need to work hard to make an impact. This is because they are embedded in lonely spaces that allow only 'learner to content' interaction.
We are aware of this limitation. Therefore, we put in our heart and soul to make our custom e-learning courses interesting.

Our e-learning courses are exceptionally successful because we:

Make fun a top priority

Our belief is that—if it is fun, people want to do more of it. We create experiences that draw learners to the courses. Use of games, simulations, branching case studies, interactive info-graphics, and so on keep the fun quotient high.

Keep them realistic

We focus on what learners need to know to be able to do their job better. This makes our courses relevant and realistic. Use of real world scenarios, related examples, real life simulations keep things grounded in reality.

Keep them short and digestible

We create several short modules, instead of one bulky course. This gives a sense of achievement to learners, and makes them want to explore more.

Create a pull

One of our unique ways to captivate people is to advertise our courses using a campaign. This is very effective as it arouses learners' curiosity to explore the courses.

Blend them

Custom e-learning courses work wonders when blended with instructor led training programs. We also help you embed your e-learning courses in social online learning environments, where learners can have discussions around the courses.

Read a case study to see an example of an e-learning course.

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