Customer Education Services

A good way to engage with your customers is by educating them about your products, services, and industry.
Most organizations contact advertising agencies for designing customer education interventions. While advertising agencies are great at advertising, education is usually not their forte. We use our expertise in the field of learning to design customer education interventions that help you engage your customers.

Here is what we offer:

Customer education interventions:

Based on the business goals of your brand, we draw up a curriculum that would be relevant and engaging for your customers. The curriculum translates to highly immersive and fun learning experience design. These designs may include educative games, videos, banners, presentations, traditional courses, and so on. The intervention is delivered through your existing media assets, such as your corporate website, Facebook page, Twitter page, Slideshare page, Youtube channel etc., or through other creative forms of media that can get you maximum impact.


Edumercials are a hybrid between educational or informative pieces and commercial advertising. These are short, bite sized, educational pieces with a punch.

Interactive manuals:

Be it an IT product or a motorbike, customers love to explore what they buy. And in the age of ubiquitously available Internet, manual booklets may be boring and tedious to go through. We translate your manuals into interactive, moving, and talking assets that thrill users and make it easy for them to use. These are made responsive to different media for customers to be able to access anywhere, anytime.

Stand-alone educative courses:

We identify the information needs of your customers and based on these gaps we design and deliver courses. The purpose of these courses is to educate the customer who is seeking information about a service or product. These are particularly useful when you have a loyal customer base that needs more involvement.

For example, if customers buy an organization's insurance products without knowing much about insurance, they may end up with an incorrect plan. An interactive educative piece is a good way to educate them and engage with them.

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