Games grip learners and create a pull for learning. People love to compete and learn as they go along.
This powerful tool needs careful design, such that learning is not lost in game mechanics, and learners are still engaged enough to play and learn. Our expert learning game designers maintain that balance and ensure that learning happens in a fun way.

Wherever required we:

Use gamification for learning in instructor led training

We design games to orient and immerse learners in the concepts that they're exploring. Deep immersion through games, followed by intense reflection, and connect to their jobs help learners explore new facets of the topics under study. Games also lead to close group work and thought sharing, which makes them such a great tool in classrooms.

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Design online games for learning

Single player and multi-player social online games are a great blend with any learning intervention. They can be used to orient, teach new concepts, bring out key points, make learners practice, or to simply get learners collaborating or competing in an online environment. We design online games to engage learners in the larger learning process and to help them extend their learning to the workplace.

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Train managers to use fun and gamification as management tools

Gamification can be a great motivational tool in a manager's kit. It can help managers to motivate people, and to get teams working on tasks people would normally find burdensome or uninteresting. For example, it can make people do repetitive processes, short term tasks, or to meet pressing sales requirements, and so on.

Our gamification workshops for managers help them understand the importance of fun at the workplace, the advantages and disadvantages of using gamification as a tool to make people attack certain work tasks with enthusiasm.

Read a case to see how we've done this in the past.

Use gamification for performance improvement/employee engagement

We help organizations with the gamification of certain work processes. We also design gamified employee engagement initiatives that promise to tackle issues from employee health, to communication skills, to forming a bond with the organization.

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