Rapid E-learning

According to American Society of Training and Development, knowledge doubles itself every 18 months. That is rapid. And it has led to a change in the way we create and consume content.

Everything is fast—creation, deployment, consumption, and evaluation.

To assist you with this, we have some unique offers:

Quick prototype development

Quick prototype development

Request for a proof-of-concept and we will get back to you with a free rapid e-learning prototype within two working days. This 48-hour turnaround time means that you can test your ideas in record time.

Training for in-house staff

Training for in-house staff

We train your team on rapid e-learning tools to create content in-house. This training intervention goes a long way in enabling your teams to develop just-in-time content for your organization.

We also create interactive templates, graphic elements, and a library of relevant images, using your organization's branding guidelines.

Bite sized learning chunks

Bite sized learning chunks

On the design side, we believe that rapid e-learning tools lend themselves very well to the creation of 'bite-sized content' that is easy to digest. We have perfected the art of creating short, highly interactive, social, rapid e-learning modules.

Wherever the deployment tool / LMS allows it, we make the rapid e-learning posts such that learners can interact with each other over each module, quite like the way one can interact over a blog post.

Read a case study to see an example of rapid e-learning.

Here are some of the key points we follow to develop e-learning modules rapidly.


Reduce the amount of time spent on analysis and design phases. Instead, we develop a rapid prototype and test it with end users.


Incorporate frequent feedback cycles into the development process.


Use rapid authoring tools that allow maximum flexibility.


Use pre-existing libraries, templates, and interaction types.

We follow the 'ADORE approach' to handle each objective. Action oriented stories, case studies, interactive elements, questions for social interaction, videos etc. make our rapid e-learning courses fun and engaging.

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