About Us

We are a new age consulting firm that drives business results by helping people perform to their potential.
To know us better read about our beliefs.

Our beliefs drive our work

Fun is serious business

Fun has the power to transform behavior. Also if it's fun, people want to do more of it. That is why fun is such an integral element of our solutions.

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Learning is everywhere

Learning can happen anywhere, anytime, and through any medium. From structured learning in classrooms and on computers, to mobile devices, and even blank office walls, we see everything as a canvas to connect with people.

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Simple solutions stick

There's beauty in simple solutions. With simplicity comes focus. That is why our solutions are easy to implement and use. This also means that we never sell to our clients that which they don't need.

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The world is learner-centric

People are always at the center of our learning solutions. We ensure that they are never passive receivers of information. Instead, they participate in the creation of their own personalized content, build life-long learning networks, and share ideas through formal and informal platforms

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Facilitate not instruct

The role of a learning solutions designer is fast evolving from that of a content creator to an experience designer and a learning facilitator. We strike the perfect balance between designing awesome content, and embedding it within a larger experience that facilitates learning.

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Above all, we believe that beliefs should evolve.

We collaborate with our clients to find creative ways of doing things.
And that is why they like working with us.

Read our case studies to see how we translate our beliefs into actions. If our beliefs match yours, or if there is something we could explore with you, please feel free to contact us.

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