Online Social Learning Solutions

Online learning in an organization can range from absolutely 'closed and controlled' to perfectly 'open and chaotic.'
On this vast spectrum, we design a variety of social learning solutions. Click each example to view the kind of social learning initiatives we enable:

Use social media in traditional e-learning and classrooms

We expand the scope of traditional e-learning courses and classrooms by merging them creatively with social media elements.

Read a case study of how we have made traditional course material more social for our clients.

Some benefits that social media brings to traditional e-learning:

  • Allows learner to learner interaction, in addition to learner to content interaction
  • Courses become more interesting than silo-based e-learning
  • Transcends the limitations of a closed environment
  • Brings out divergent viewpoints
  • Helps in the formation of a personal learning network

Expand the scope of online learning through virtual classrooms

Our online social classrooms or virtual classrooms are vibrant and interactive. They allow for these three types of interaction, synchronously and asynchronously:

1. Learner to learner
2. Learner to facilitator
3. Learner to online content

We use online collaboration tools to maintain the authenticity of interaction that you get in a physical classroom. We also help your audience become more literate in the use of digital technology for self-learning.

Facilitate free flow of information

New age workers face unprecedented challenges. To overcome these they:

  • Need to collaborate across domains
  • Have inter-cultural interactions
  • Need the autonomy to choose and chase topics of interest
  • Require various sources of knowledge to keep current
  • Need to be digital natives

We consult with you to facilitate free flow of information through your organization. This could be through formation of employees' personal learning networks, sustainable communities, collaborative teams, and so on.

Facilitate open online courses

Open online courses are a less experimented with form of learning in the organizational environment. We propose to help your organization run industry-wide open courses to:

  • Increase your reach to an industry wide audience
  • Help growth of your employees through formation of world-wide connections
  • Help your employees become global contributors of knowledge in the field of their interest
  • Expose employees to diverse thought processes and previously unexplored possibilities
  • Reach out to new talent interested in your field and organization
  • Create informed customers

We study your organization's requirements, technological readiness, cultural milieu, and learning philosophy. Based on our vast experience, we help you decide the best strategy for implementing networked learning solutions in your organization.

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