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Communicating with Other Departments
Our client was in the process of identifying skill gaps for Junior Management staff. One of the glaring issues that we found was that they had trouble collaborating with other departments, and often got into tussles while dealing with internal clients. After much probing we narrowed down the cause to inter-departmental communication problems, and designed a workshop to deal with the issue.
The challenge

The challenge

Employees have inter-departmental conflicts due to lack of empathy, and communication issues cause tensions among departments. Can we help them act like one organization?

The target audience

The target audience

Sr. Executives, Associate Managers, Deputy Managers, and Managers

Our solution

Our solution

We worked with our client to identify a set of knowledge points, and then designed activities for a day long workshop to help learners imbibe those points in their day-to-day work.

Here's a list of learning objectives tackled through this workshop:

  1. Understand the importance of the key knowledge points:
    • Try the other person's shoes.
    • Talk to each other in a way that heals rather than a way that wounds.
    • The meaning of communication is the response that it receives.
    • Assumptions create an ass out of you and me.
    • Target the problem not the person.
  2. Identify phrases that kill communication and those that foster it.
  3. Follow the sandwich approach while writing e-mails and follow email etiquette.
  4. Practice face to face communication in conflict situations.

Highlights of the workshop:

  • A self-evaluation helped learners to evaluate gaps in their communication style.
  • In an intense activity, learners were divided into department wise groups, and they:
    • Created charts about all that they disliked about other departments, and all that they used to say against other departments.
    • They then went around and checked all charts that had been created.
    • Post this they were transferred to another department. Now, as the new department, they had to defend themselves. This helped learners understand the work, internal conflicts, and built in conflicts of other  departments. This activity automatically brought out the point—Try other people's shoes. Similar activities were designed to bring out each knowledge point.
  • Learners were also equipped with communication tools that they can use in their day-to-day work to deal with situations.

 We are one organization, and a lot of the conflicts that we have with other departments are healthy. Others can be resolved if we focus on the end objectives. It was wonderful to actively have these realizations through the workshop."


 We now understand the issues faced by other departments and are more empathetic towards them."

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