Gamification at the Workplace

'The Hunt for Shalimar,' An Award Winning Online Leadership Game
'The Hunt for Shalimar' was an online game designed as a part of a larger program. Our client won 'The Global Allianz Innovation Award' for the employee engagement initiative we designed.
The challenge

The challenge

Can we make everyone in the organization interested in the topic of 'good leadership?'

The target audience

The target audience

All employees of our client's organization were targeted to generate talk about leadership trends, best practices, and problems.

Our solution

Our solution

We designed a single player, asynchronous, online, leadership game to engage all employees of the organization and to generate talk around the topic of "good leadership." This hugely successful game was part of a blended course.

Our solution

Narrative of the Game:

The learner leads a team of four characters within the game to retrieve a lost diamond called, "The Shalimar." On the mission, the learner faces several leadership challenges and conflicts, and has to make important decisions. The narrative progresses through a series of comic strips, followed by decision points.

The narrative proceeds based on the choices made by the learner. Our client's organizational values, and certain leadership traits, such as motivating team members, setting clear lines of communication, fostering relationships, and so on play a key role in the game.

Our solution

Game Mechanics:

It was a single player game. The learner led a team of four characters that were woven within the narrative of the game. The game branched out depending on learner's decisions.

Points: Learner's score was based on their decision. Conflict of interest was built in using time and money as costs. Sometimes correct decisions cost them time and money, but were good leadership decisions. Good decisions gave them higher scores.

Feedback: In addition to the score, learners received feedback through a leadership guru, who appeared after every decision to riddle them and to inform them about what was a good leadership decision.

Leaderboard:A constant leaderboard showed learners how well they were doing in comparison to their peers.

Badges: Learners could earn badges for a series of good decisions taken.

The Global Allianz Innovation Award.


More than 3000 people completed the Hunt for Shalimar game across the entire organization.


  We had a great experience working with Design Storm on designing an award winning leadership game. We, at Bajaj Allianz, appreciate the hard work and creativity that Design Storm has put in to realize this project so we could roll this out in record time. An overwhelming response and great feedback from our employees after playing the game is testimony to the kind of work Design Storm produces.
Wishing you all the best and looking forward to working with you in the future."

  We have never played something like this before."

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