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Leadership Circles—E-learning Modules
'Leadership Circles' was a series of short leadership modules, created rapidly to cover various topics related to leadership. The series was part of a larger design.
The challenge

The challenge

Evoke thought and talk around different topics pertaining to leadership.

The target audience

The target audience

The audience included all managers in the organization who led teams of three or more people.

Our solution

Our solution

We designed a series of 12 rapid e-learning modules pertaining to good leadership. The key features of these modules were that:

  • They were short, and easy to digest.
  • They always involved a compelling question or debate pertaining to leadership.
  • Learners were free to comment on the modules and to participate in the debate stoked by the module itself.
  • A module was released every 15 days and engaged learners in healthy conversations.
  • A community was formed around the series to discuss these topics and to share learners' points of view.
  • We measured the success of these modules based on the number of participants it involved and the amount of conversation they evoked. This was a move away from the traditional LMS based success criteria of course completion.

The modules were a great success and were received very well by the audience. They generated talk about leadership, and helped our client form a community of managers who regularly participated in debates around topics of leadership.

  Everyone is talking about the case. You can see the impact these modules are having on the people. They are actively thinking about topics we want them to concentrate on."


 We received more than 300 comments on this module. This is unprecedented."

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