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Structured Development Planning Workshop
It was of strategic importance for our client to train employees (Managers to VP) to actively participate in the structured development of their team members. It was believed that this 'structured development effort' would not only help the organization perform better, but would also build a strong second line of support.
The challenge

The challenge

Employees should appreciate the importance of developing people and make a conscious effort in their daily behavior to promote people's growth.

The target audience

The target audience

Managers, Senior Managers, Associate Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents

Our solution

Our solution

We designed a two day workshop to generate awareness and to help learners realize the importance of developing people down the line. The objectives of the workshop were:

  1. Appreciate the role of a team leader as a systematic developer of people and teams
  2. Assess people appropriately on the potential and performance scales
  3. Provide structured developmental feedback and follow through with review, delegation, and coaching

Pre-workshop events:

Learners were given an introductory brochure. In addition to this, we circulated a questionnaire to receive 360 degree feedback on learner's performance as a developer of people and teams.

The questionnaire feedback was kept confidential. A reflection around the feedback helped learners realize how much effort they put in to develop team members.

Workshop events:

The workshop was packed with activity, exploration, and reflection. On the first day of the workshop we covered the objective—Assess people appropriately on the potential and performance scales. Here are the highlights of the first day of the workshop:

  • Through a set of activities learners reflected on questions like:
    • What have I done in the past year to develop my team?
    • How often have I provided honest, but constructive feedback to my team members?
    • How much do I delegate work—Do my team members feel like it's their show?
  • They were then given their 360 degree feedback in which their team members had analyzed how well they developed them. In groups of three, the learners discussed what they needed to do to improve their people development skills. They wrote the gaps on Post It notes and stuck them up on a common board. This is how they collectively arrived at the objectives of the session.
  • They watched a message by the CEO/HR Head on the importance of 'People Development'. The video brought out the company focus and attitude towards people development.
  • They then learned the difference between potential and performance scales through a fun activity.
  • Learners played a game to explore how to objectively assess people's potential and performance.
    (Read more about the game.)
  • The game was extended to real life through a case study where learners (in groups) rated fictional characters on performance and potential scales, based on detailed profiles presented to them. They had to defend their ratings to other groups and justify their stance.
  • The day was wrapped up with a reflection session.

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