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We, the Organization
Our client had identified the need to increase productivity and to motivate employees at the level of Jr. Executives and Off-roll Employees. Through a thorough needs analysis process we found that employees at this level worked at the periphery, and as a result, they felt a sense of dissociation with the organization. This led to lower motivation, which in turn affected employee productivity and quality of output.
The challenge

The challenge

Employees feel a disconnect between personal goals and those of the organization because they work at the periphery. How can we bring in that connect?

The target audience

The target audience

Executives, Jr. Executives, Off-roll employees

Our solution

Our solution

We planned to fulfill this need by attacking it at these levels:

Explore potential and encourage organizational alignment Workplace communication in-line with organizational values Fulfilling functional skill gaps
Explore employees' inner drives and potential such that they are motivated to put in their best effort.

Help employees relate to the organization and align themselves with organizational goals, values, and culture.
Translate organizational values into behavior during communication through e-mail and interpersonal communication with colleagues and customers. Identify three important functional skill gaps of employees per department and train them accordingly.

We designed a two-day workshop that helped learners explore their personal goals and connect them with organizational goals. Functional skill gaps training happened later as an online training project.

Highlights of the workshop:

  • We designed an action packed workshop where people started by exploring their personal past successes. They connected these with their personal future goals.
  • We trained the trainers for successful and consistent delivery across multiple locations.
  • Learners participated in a simulated market-space where they ran their own small company profitably. This simulation was designed specifically to help learners explore the importance of the four key traits of the "potential scale" used by our client. Learners were able to strongly relate personal success to these four traits  of the "potential scale," and learned their importance through that.
  • Learners connected their personal goals with organizational values and goals. A strong emphasis on organizational story sharing helped everyone connect their personal goals with those of the organization.
  • A session on positive thinking and its importance in success was highly appreciated by the learners as they dug deep to explore the things that held them back.
  • Day two of the workshop involved translating organizational values into behavior during communication through e-mail and interpersonal communication with colleagues and customers.


The two-day workshop was conducted across India in more than 20 locations for about 8000 employees. It received an average rating of 4.8 / 5.0. Employees were highly motivated at the end of each workshop, and they reported feeling more positive about their job in post-workshop interviews.

 The workshop has changed how I feel about my job. I feel that the organization I'm working for is worth it and our customers need to know that. I feel so positive and happy when I approach them."


 This workshop was an unprecedented success for our organization. We feel the change in energy it has brought about. It was a success, each time it was conducted across all locations."

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