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Leadership Circles
Our client needed to sensitize employees about 'good leadership' and 'company values.' We decided to evoke thought and generate talk, across the organization, on topics related to leadership.
The challenge

The challenge

Introduce the topic of 'good leadership and company values' to everyone in the organization. Also make leaders think about these topics and implement them in their day-to-day engagement with employees.

The target audience

The target audience

All employees & all managers who handled teams of more than three people.

Our solution

Our solution

We designed a series of online, asynchronous, social interventions to get people interested and immersed in topics related to leadership.

Leadership Circles

Here is how the program panned out:

  1. Promotion of the program:
    We launched an internal campaign to promote the intervention and to generate interest.
    Read more about it.
  2. Online learning game:
    To engage employees and to initiate them to the topic of leadership, we designed an online leadership game called, "The Hunt for Shalimar." This game was open to the entire organization. The game was played by 3000 employees across the organization. Read more about it.
  3. Leadership circles rapid e-learning:
    A fortnight after the launch of the leadership game, we introduced leadership circles. This was a community to discuss questions raised in a series of short e-learning modules on topics related to leadership. Each e-learning module was launched every 15 days. Read more about these.
  4. Synchronous meetings:
    The communities formed around leadership circles met up in person in local offices every month. They were moderated by an office head, and they had lively and insightful discussions around relevant topics of leadership.


All employees of our client's organization were introduced to the topic of good leadership and company values. Leaders were brought together in communities to generate talk about leadership trends, best practices, and problems.

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