Jan 9

Skills for Online Social Learning

Informal online social learning is “of the learners”, “by the learners”, “for the learners”. Where technology is owned by the learners, we tend to assume that if they’re interacting on online forums, they must be learning. Is it this simple? According to Marshal McLuhan, while technology augments certain aspects of our lives, it also truncates [...]

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Nov 3

Visual Design Gurus Who’ll Change the Way You See Things

This post covers contemporary visualizers, who are also exceptional instructional designers. And here’s a promise: These maestros will change the way you see the world. I use these precious gems to train new instructional designers on visualization. Inge Druckery—“You’ll Really Learn to Look” Look around you—Watch this visual poem—And look around you again. The world will [...]

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Sep 30

A Research Based Collaboration Platform Blueprint for Organizations

Organizations are increasingly supplementing formal learning methods with informal learning initiatives. This is because we face a highly dynamic workplace, where each day, we deal with problems that we may never have encountered before. Traditionally, companies relied on employees’ past experience and special Research and Development teams for innovation. However, now survival skills include the [...]

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