Feb 2

Playing With the Magic Circle

If you and I played

A game that never paused,

Would we live playfully forever?

Would a poor throw of dice mean—

Pretended hunger,

Pretended sleep,

A fierce war,

Fought with cardboard armies?

And if you won and I lost,

Would it mean nothing to my boss, s

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Jul 18

The Worst Nightmare: Rolling out Collaboration Platforms that No One Uses

Boat_race_chundanThinking of rolling out a collaboration platform to the entire organization? Think again.

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Feb 22

Twitter Skills for Learners


On Twitter, ask and you shall receive much more than you asked for. Given the reputation of the Twitterati and their lunch

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Dec 13

Stretching the Limits of Twitter


“We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” I believe, Marshall McLuhan would agree that this has become a rei

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